We Provide: Assessments and Guidance

We have witnessed a number of projects that failed because there was not enough work done up front. We use are experience to avoid the often technical traps that only an experienced IT worker will be likely to foresee.

Our experience can be tapped for consulting at the start of a project, to help you assess where you are with regard to IT, or later in a project to help you ensure your IT plan and corporate vision are in alignment.

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Our specialty: Business Solutions

We learn your business and help you build a product you can use, not just something you spent a lot of time, money, and resources on. Our goal is to help you plan and design from the start of your project so it is successful and meets your needs.

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IT/Software Projects: Are rarely simple...

A successful project requires the development team and project manager to be skilled in software development. It does not end there. Solid business knowledge is required for success. The team should have experience with the entire software development life cycle. We at RB Consulting have the skills and experience combined with solid business knowledge that will help you build a useful and reliable application. We work with our customers throughout the development cycle to develop a solution that addresses their business problems and it is properly implemented.

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We are: A Solution Provider

We can provide custom software development and maintenance for large and small companies. We have built a large network of vendors we can bring in on projects to help you find the right providers for your project. We help you go into a project confident that you have the right team for the project and for your budget.

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Our Niche: We know the tools for the job...

You may be looking for requirements gathering, high-level design, coding/implementation, testing, support, or all of the above. We have led teams in developing small applications for companies of less than ten employees and developed large scale applications for fortune 100 companies, with several projects in between these extremes. You will be hard pressed to find a better group in which to trust the development of your mission critical systems.

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